Why University Students Should Wear Uniform?

The idea of whether college students will wear uniform or not has been discussed several times on different areas and forums. Just to present oneBest school in UAE side of the story that will be able to make you think about it, presented in this article are the reasons why should university students, like you, should be in uniform.

Save money. It is found out in a survey that an average student spends around $800per year on clothes for best school in UAE. If you wear sets of uniforms instead of fashion and trendy clothes for the university will not amount to more than $160 a year. You can totally save a huge amount by doing so. You can save for other things like special projects.

Less time consuming. A research shows that a student of school in UAE spends about 20-30 minutes to get ready for school in the morning and most of this time is spent in picking an outfit. Not to mention for girls so, having a uniform would definitely mean that a student could save at least 10-15 minutes per day that if collected in a year can be dedicated to more productive activities like having a proper breakfast in the morning instead of rushing for school.

Physical fitness. University students in the will actually have to work harder in trying to look good in their uniforms. This will mean that students will be spending more hours in doing physical activities causing the rates of some illnesses to go down.

Appropriate dressing. Many university professors observed that many students have seen all kind of indecent clothing from plunging pants to necklines.  Uniforms can maintain an equal standard of dressing for all students.

Difference between students and teachers. It was often hard to differentiate between the group of students roaming through the college hallways and teacher assistants who had just graduated a month ago. With the students in uniform, this problem would have not take place.

Benefits to the uniform industry. If the students are in uniform, there will be a great demand for uniforms in order to meet the supply requirements.

Why You Should Buy Ready-Made Clothes for Special Occasions?

Attending big and special occasions entails you to always dress up according to the theme, whether it’s a ball, graduation, wedding, or any kind home shopping Dubaiof parties, choosing what to wear comes with a challenge.

There are different ways to have that perfect outfit: choosing to go to your favorite couturier to make a tailor-fit dress, online shopping stores or come TV shopping in CitrussTV or even buying a ready-made one in some physical stores. Many people choose to just buy some ready-made dresses and suits because of these reasons,

You can try the dress before buying it. A wide variety of selections are made available for you if you chose going to shopping stores or browse online stores. You can have your chosen clothes and let you see if those fit your body well. You can also see if the design is overwhelming or flattering on you. If a dress or suit does not fit well, you can always try another style or hop from one shop to another until you find the perfect one.

You save yourself from a lot of fittings. If you choose to have your attire made by couturier will mean visiting his or her shop several times to have fittings and do revisions as well.  You can save your time in buying ready-made attire and just spend one day in looking for your outfit.

You can save time. If you choose to buy ready-made outfits, it will keep you from spending a lot of time picking the appropriate material, fabric, style, and accessories. You will save yourself from shop visits for your body measurements and for alterations of the dress. Also, there will be additional time to spend if your parents also want to have their dresses and suits tailor-fit.

You tend to save money. If you decide to buy ready-made outfits from home shopping Dubai will mean saving a lot because they are far less expensive than tailor-fit attires. These clothes come in very affordable and reasonable prices since they are massively produced by the manufacturer companies who do not spend much for the production. This enables them to mark down the price for the benefit of their clients.